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Tuscany property investments, Apulia property investments The property market has always represented one of the safest investment options to capitalize savings in Italy. Currently, many experts predict price stagnation if not a moderate reduction. In the last couple of years an increase of interest mortgage rates has limited growth in the property market, but today, many people who were reluctant to take a mortgage before can benefit today as interest rates are aligned with European rates creating opportunities for those first buyers willing to enter the property market leaving behind the always increasing rental prices. A property can be bought as a first home or as a "buy to let" which sometimes implies that the property is sold with an existing rental contract which assures profitability. Those properties have usually a selling price 15 to 20% lower that similar empty properties which makes them a great alternative for those considering property investment.

Investing in property specially works for those looking to invest their available cash while getting a rental profit and a guaranteed property. In case a mortgage is required to finance the property, current market conditions provide favorable conditions as rental profits are aligned with mortgage rates. In few words, the property pays for itself.

A selection of property investment options to cater your demands to build together a personalized and solid investment opportunity.
You can count with years of experience of our partners in the Italian rental market who specializes in the foreign incoming tourism market maximizing a rental profit out of you second home in Italy.

Together, we assess the right property price which will guarantee the final client a solid capital increase or rental profit in order to reach your goal of reaching a safe investment while trying to minimize the financial market uncertainties.

It’s a winning strategy for uncertain times.